Tuesday, September 16, 2008

City of Lost Angels

A piece made for SPRING's A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH show. The first view is a daylight one, the second is the piece in the dark. 13 X 20 inches, polyester glow-in-the-dark thread embroidered on silk bengaline.
The passage, in which each word is embroidered in braille at ninety degrees and in tiny french knots, is from Milton's Paradise Lost:

....our final hope
Is flat despair: we must exasperate
Th' Almighty Victor to spend all his rage,
And that must end us, that must be our cure,
To be no more; sad cure; for who would lose,
Though full of pain, this intellectual being,
Those thoughts that wander through Eternity,
To perish rather, swallowd up and lost
In the wide womb of uncreated night,
Devoid of sense and motion?


Anonymous said...

Richard, I think this is amazing. A beautiful and meaningful piece of work.

Andrew Joseph Ritter said...

Would it be at all possible to get this shirt, perhaps in 2X or 3X? Just the very concept is awesome to me.