Friday, October 10, 2008

The Travers Series

Here are the correct sides of the set of cushions I completed this summer for four Knoll Tulip chairs. The reverse sides are below.


Mr X Stitch said...

Without wishing to sound gushing, this stuff if flippin' awesome! I really like the embellished artwork. It's a path I find myself heading towards - but from a graffiti angle.

Great stuff!

Best wishes.

cassandra said...

i LOVE this. and for knoll chairs! even more perfect. will you be showing us the final product all put together?

and would you mind if i blogged about your work? with a link to your blog, of course...

i'm absolutely loving it all.

best, cassandra

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

So. freaking. awesome.

Anonymous said...

I am such a big fan of yours, your work is amazing.
Keep up the great work.


P said...

This is so wonderful and inventive! What an incredibly project.

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! I love it.
I also embroiderer, and I'm curious, what type of stitch did you use for the woman with the white hair in the tenth photo down?
Thanks. Again, absolutely gorgeous work.

Richard Saja said...

it's just a french knot that's been overshot a bit.


I never liked toile de JOUY.. I love it now... What a marvellous idea..and what a wonderful work.

Best wisches


Loz8188 said...

Hey Richard,
i stumbled across your work as i am currently undertaking a self-directed project at university focusing on the gender bias and artistic scope of embroidery. I hope you don't mind but i am going to cite your work as a source of inspiration in my contextual studies. It really is awe inspiring. Any chance you are doing any exhibitions in the UK?
Many thanks,
Laura x